Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and fellow Brits:

I am extremely proud, to announce the opening of my exploratory committee, to ascertain the viability of me running for elected office, in the UK!

I have lived in the UK, since 1984. My daughter was born in Scotland and my sons began their education here! My wife Sally was born in England! I have lived in the same home, Guthrie Castle, for more than 37 years! And I was at last sworn in, as a UK citizen, also maintaining my US citizenship. Of the small group of 6 sworn in, I had waited the longest for this privilege, 26 years! The others 6 to 18 years! 3 men and 3 women! It has been a very long road for me – yet I was the only person shedding tears of joy! The event actually came early – I had thought I would be in my 80’s – LOL!

I have said the last several years, I had already accomplished creating equity through my mentees/devotees, my trillion dollar goal and yet had additional aspirations! For now, I plan on continuing my QLA coaching thru 2022! Then at 77, I will reassess my political and coaching future!

My QLA model has created over a trillion dollars – my goal since my first seminar in 1993, when I began! And though, I have assisted, mostly poor kids with no money, in changing lives and creating countless jobs – I believe with all my being, I can do the same for this country, that’s been so very generous to me and my family!

In my opinion, the world, and the UK in particular, need help on many fronts! Of course, many countries are in worse shape – but I don’t live there – I live in the UK!

If you’re happy with the political and financial situation, we have now in the UK – if you think that life is getting better, and that our people are being looked out for–then stop reading here!

But if you think as I do, that things could be better, and that our leaders have gone adrift, read on: Covid 19, gas lines, energy costs, immigration, Afghanistan, women/girls and police protection, how we treat our veterans, the treatment of the elderly, one rule for the politicians and another for all else and I could go on! I didn’t go to Oxbridge and I have no “A” levels, or even “O” levels! I went to a US university you have to explain about! BTW: If I was born here a Brit, I would never mention this and how poor I was growing up – LOL!

But after an extremely successful financial business career, mostly in “the city” (financial district of London), I turned to helping younger people achieve their success! Where I used the very same focus, determination and perseverance, to create through ordinary, mostly poor people, with no money, over a trillion dollars, in equity/value, since 1993! The pundits tell me – QLA/me has created more than a million millionaires, including billionaires! How many jobs I created – I have no clue – but arguably, it may be in the millions! BTW: I personally turned $820 to $450 million, in a declining market, in less than 8 years, on the LSE (London Stock Exchange)!

My plan, if the public allow me the opportunity, is to use the same leadership, I learned as a young army officer in the late 60’s at NATO, with the tough love my policemen Dad (also a WWII/Korean war vet) used raising me, added to what I have learned as a renowned financial success coach, all over the world. I want to help transform the UK, back to a better place, we can all be more proud of in the decades going forward! I have proudly modelled my personal and business life after 2 Brits – Winston Churchill (another UK/USA person) and Andrew Carnegie, arguably one of the most successful businessman of all time!

We all know that politicians care more about being liked, rather being effective! Hell, that is exactly how they get elected! Most politicians are pleasers, to their largest block of constituents! Again, that’s how they get elected! And all politicians are looking for money to support their causes/ideas! Hence, their views can swing in the wind, based on where it is coming from and how strong it is, at the moment! Well, my first political promise – I don’t want your hard earned money – at least not now! Let’s first see, if my message resonates with the public! Because now, you deserve the money lots more than my potential campaign does, to heat your homes and feed your families! Or perhaps to take a well-deserved holiday – as our politicians seem to do more frequently than we mere commoners!

Yeah, I realise, ostensibly, I will only be around a few years, to get it started! But someone has to get it started, back in the direction of normality! PC, political correctness, is crushing the life out of this country – like many others! We can’t go on, as we are doing now! Climate change will be the least of our problems!

When I came to the UK in 1981 – the city pundits said – it won’t take us long to get rid of this loudmouth kid! But I saw it very differently! At Freshfields, my solicitors used to say – we represent the Queen of England, the Church of England, the Bank of England and Dan Peña! The rest is history!

Like my political idol, Churchill’s phrase “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” If given the opportunity, except for the part about my blood-– I promise the same! When Churchill said those infamous words, May 13, 1940 – Britain was losing the war on almost all fronts! Once again, our tiny island, is being badly squeezed on many fronts, but the current leadership either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care! I understand and I care!

Living in a 15th century castle, I could easily sit back and enjoy life. But with your support, I have decided to aim to a greater meaning and purpose!

Britain has been extraordinarily generous to me and my family – hence, it is time for this Mexican/ American, now a Brit/Mexican/American kid, to give back! Yeah, you heard it correctly – “give back!” When did you ever hear that from a politician! Hence, after 55 years as a high performance individual – father, son, grandfather, husband, brother, soldier, mentor, creator of a trillion dollars, coach, friend, teacher – my last endeavour will be my greatest task of all – to make government responsive to us, and be a government we can be proud of.

I unlike, virtually all politicians will not promise you an easy road! There is never an easy time to make hard decisions! And we have many hard decisions ahead of us!

In due course, I will open an office, produce a manifesto, announce my committee of advisors, post a website, have intensity driven focus groups, town hall meetings, plus do many of the normal things, not in a PC manner, a new aspiring non-political person, who is looking for your support does, except take donations – LOL! As Walt Disney said – when values are clear, decisions are easy! Either you want to get on the bus of change – or you don’t! The message is clear – change! All I ask – listen to the message and don’t shoot the messenger!

And for those of you that may not be aware now, but will soon become aware of my mantra – praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

To your quantum leap in life and business!

Very Respectfully,

Daniel S. Peña, Sr.
The Trillion Dollar Man!