A Political Candidate for the MP position in Angus & Perthshire Glens Constituency

Nominate me for the position of MP for Angus & Perthshire Glens Constituency


If you believe in me and what I stand for, then this would be the first step. I seek your assistance as a registered voter in Angus & Perthshire Glens Constituency this coming General Election.

The UK Election Commission requires a candidate to be nominated by 10 people within the constituency. We have until the 6th of June 2024. I need your support by registering in our form and one of my staff will reach out to you.

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Join us for a unique opportunity to engage in a live political discussion with Dan Peña, a running candidate for MP. Participate in person or virtually and share your views, ask questions, and hear firsthand the candidate’s vision and plans. This is your chance to connect directly with your future representative and contribute to the conversation on key political issues. Check the dates indicated on this page and be part of this enriching experience. Don’t miss out on shaping your community’s future!

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Dan Peña’s Political ASPIRATIONS

Representing Angus and Perthshire Glens Constituency

Dan Peña, is known as the Trillion Dollar Man, Business Success Coach, Army Veteran, Philantropist, and Chair of various companies around the world…

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Ethical and Fair Governance

Community Representation

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Unwavering Leadership

Join us and make a political change:

I am the most qualified individual to take on the task of changing the political landscape of Angus & Perthshire Glens. If you are tired of the status quo and is looking for change, then you are in the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information on Dan Peña’s political experience and plans? Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What political offices has Dan Peña previously held?

Dan Peña has not yet held any political offices, but he is passionate about representing the Angus and Perthshire Glens Constituency in the future.

What are Dan Peña’s main political aspirations?

Dan Peña’s main goal is to run for political offices in the UK representing Angus and Perthshire Glens Constituency.

Where can we read political questions being asked to Dan?

Since I announced my aspiration to run for political office I have opened my doors to QUESTIONS from the community on all my public platforms (Facebook, Political Site and Townhalls)

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