QUESTION: Firstly, I am particularly interested in your environmental policies. Protecting the environment, preparing for the effects of climate change, and transitioning our region and the entire country towards a carbon-free economy are priorities for me. Could you please share, in as much detail as possible, your strategies and plans to address these urgent issues? I believe that a comprehensive and proactive approach is essential to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all. To this day, the current government has taken some good steps in the right direction, but much remains to be done and time is of the essence. Furthermore, the SNP and the Scottish Greens have, in my opinion, policies that lack pragmatism, and I have not heard much from either the Conservatives or Labour, so would be interested in hearing your own plans?

ANSWER: An issue of concern for so many. However, we need to be realistic about what we can do as a nation (UK) or as a region. The UK, as a whole, is responsible for less than 2% of global emissions. Nevertheless, there is a lot more we can do locally and nationally. Education is key – that starts at school and at home where best practice needs to become 2nd nature. The solution lies in a multi-faceted approach: transportation – greater use of our train network for passengers and freight; the infrastructure to support e-vehicles – still a long way off; cheaper e-vehicles; more efficient e-vehicles and batteries – energy (I would like to see much more use of hydro power); recycling (there surely has to be an optimal system that all councils should follow – we are nowhere near that with areas that still don’t collect glass from households). It will be a long and ongoing process with some relatively easy wins and other challenges that will require significant investment (government and private sector) over decades.

QUESTION: Additionally, I am eager to hear your views on the current state of the education system. My daughters attend a private girls’ school that supports a large percentage of families through bursaries and discounts. My wife and I make significant sacrifices to provide this education, as the school also offers specialized support for pupils with learning disabilities—support that is often not available in other schools. In light of Labour’s proposal to charge VAT on private school tuition, which threatens the viability of such institutions, I would appreciate your perspective on this matter and any plans you have to address these concerns. Please note that schools like my daughters’ are not precisely Eton or Winchester, where most if not all students come from very affluent families, but rather one where both parents have to work and, as I mentioned, make some sacrifices so their daughters can get an education that is not easily available in state schools?

ANSWER: I fully support the current set-up where parents have the opportunity to decide what is best for their children and the sacrifices that they want to make to achieve that. Recent PISA scores for Scotland are a cause for concern with lower scores in 2022 than in 2018 across the 3 areas covered: mathematics, reading & science. Until the state system is able to offer the range and depth that the private sector offers it makes no sense to adopt policies that would jeopardise the current arrangements. Neither does it make any sense to adopt a policy that would, inevitably, place more pressure on the state system.

QUESTION: I like what I read but, as an independent, you are pushing a boulder up a hill. Why don’t you support Reform UK?

ANSWER: As an independent I am not tied to a national manifesto which inhibits the ability to be agile and respond to the reality of day to day life. I will operate to a very simple maxim: if a policy is beneficial for my constituents as a whole then I will support it. I have my 7 basic pledges but as an independent I can better reflect the views of voters and not get tied down with issues that simply don’t have public support.

QUESTION: I`d not heard of you until your pamphlet came through the door but after a bit of reading I`ve come to the conclusion that you are head and shoulders above our present politicians. I am unable to come to your meeting in Brechin but I hope it goes well. I hope you stand for elected office in some capacity as you can bring some much needed common sense and a professional approach to local or national government. My primary concern is the economy, it needs reform, too much is wasted with no accountability, too many freebies are dished out to win votes. Once financial discipline is restored the following need urgent attention: the health service; infrastructure and public services; the `net-zero` agenda which drives up the cost of living but with no measurable results; education linked to useful adulthood and poorly led schools which are in the grip of `trans` activists; an employment strategy that gives people a purpose and hope leaving them less vulnerable to drugs; the disjointed stewardship of the countryside which sees tree planting on river banks whilst simultaneously introducing beavers, the felling of forests to build windfarms which increases water run-off and flooding etc etc; a welfare system that benefits those that need it, not those that want it; increased housebuilding to keep prices reasonable and allow young people and families a chance of a home; an immigration policy based on control and integration and which prioritises the needs of the indigenous population. These are all things which drive ordinary folk to despair, well done for trying to make a difference.

ANSWER: Thank you for your question and support. I am committed to fostering an economic environment that attracts investment and creates sustainable jobs. Here’s how we plan to address your concerns:

Economic Reform: Enforce financial discipline, reduce waste, and ensure accountability in spending.
Health Service: Invest in healthcare to improve patient care and accessibility.
Infrastructure: Develop transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure to boost growth.
Net-Zero Agenda: Balance environmental goals with economic stability to avoid high living costs.
Education: Align education with workforce needs and remove undue ideological influence.
Employment Strategy: Invest in job training programs to provide purpose and reduce social issues.
Welfare Reform: Ensure the welfare system supports those in need while promoting self-sufficiency.
Affordable Housing: Increase housebuilding efforts for affordable homes.
Controlled Immigration: Implement a fair immigration policy that prioritizes integration.
Oil and Gas: Support the oil and gas industry to ensure energy security and economic stability

By focusing on these areas, we aim to build a prosperous and sustainable future for our community. Thank you for your support.

QUESTION: It is heart-breaking that Pensioners and working-class families have to choose between Heat and Eat. It doesn’t help when we have a Capitalist Tory Government that looks after their rich most elite friends while they show contempt for the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. As a veteran yourself, what are your thoughts on this? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: This is both an immediate issue and a longer-term challenge.  In the short term, there should be central government intervention to protect the most vulnerable and a temporary suspension of the green insulation levy.  These temporary interventions should remain until a more secure and reliable source of affordable gas can be identified.  It also reinforces the need for renewable energy supplies – and we have a good story to tell on that front in Scotland.

QUESTION: Are you Mexican? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: No – I am a Brit – albeit a recent change to my status but something I am immensely proud of.

QUESTION: Great to see your brain is engaged in political spheres.  One question that will have to be addressed is Scottish independence.  I’m not bothered one way or the other but it is an important question for a significant portion of the population.  I don’t understand Nicola’s position of wanting to be independent but then handing over that independence to faceless bureaucrats in Europe.  What will be your considered position on this? – Facebook Message

ANSWER: A very real and emotive subject that requires calm and pragmatic analysis.  I do not see it as a viable option in the foreseeable future.  The bottom line is that whether you are looking at a corner shop, a family business, or an international supplier the books need to balance: the same applies to nations – the economics have to add up.  They don’t for Scotland: we spend significantly more than our tax base is capable of raising – that is only possible because of the additional funding Scotland receives from Westminster under the Barnett formula.  Joining the EU is a pipe dream – Scotland does not meet the economic criteria and any new member states have to comply with the Maastricht Treaty (joining the euro is compulsory).  Furthermore, Scotland would be a net recipient of EU funds so the other 27 member states are unlikely to welcome an independent Scotland.

QUESTION: Hi Dan, I’m from Angus, a member of the British Army and Co-owner of a resource company based in Zimbabwe. I have followed your work for some time and it has undoubtedly changed my life. Thank you for that. Regarding your political career – do you sincerely want to “give back”? Do you really care about helping people? If so, I’m interested in what changed your mind on this. Best of luck with your political campaign! Kind Regards – Facebook Message

ANSWER: I do want to “give back” and find myself in the privileged position of being able to do so as an independent politician who can pursue an agenda that benefits my constituents without being bound by party politics.  If the public has faith in what I am offering they will be well served by someone who will put them first and make Angus great again.

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Peña, My name is Adam, I am 22 years old and I am actually writing to you as I just got released from hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest last week. I believe my brush with death was a reminder to pursue what I believe is right, and to stand up for what I believe, even if it means I’m written off – so be it. I am contacting you in relation to your announcement to form an exploratory committee on whether to run for elected office in the UK – whether that be in the Scottish Parliament or Westminster. I, for one, would like to see somebody shake things up and think that you could be the person. I have been observing your ‘content’ on YouTube and your website for some time, but my own goal is to finish my legal education and be called to the Bar of England and Wales. Nonetheless, your message has resonated with me, as somebody whose great grandfather was a war hero and officer in the British Army, who escaped his POW camp in Poland and successfully walked across Germany to freedom. He had warrior DNA – trading cigarettes in camp for German lessons from the guards, and using this knowledge to become fluent in German to aid his escape. When I think of what he would make of this country today, he would think we are beyond saving. Something must be done. Although our politicians may have lost their backbone, I’d like to think there are still enough of us who were raised in the spirit of our forefathers in the greatest generation. Recent reports are highlighting just how inept and morally corrupt this Parliament is – with MPs seemingly only interested in their own financial motive. In fact, I believe that most of our current politicians go into politics to ‘be somebody’, not to ‘do something. Mrs. Thatcher would be horrified by the state of the current Conservative party. Every aspect of our Government policy is directed by opinion polls and the dictate of Boris Johnson. They all want to be liked and are terrified of a bad news story. I have never been able to relate to this since I haven’t had a friend since I was approximately 5 years old. He happily spends taxpayer money on vanity projects to make himself more popular. We have Ministered in positions of responsibility with no personal quality whatsoever, and who have no ability to master the details of the policy. It feels to me like the whole Government is a communications machine and not a serious Government. I was appalled, but not surprised, to read that traces of cocaine have been detected in all but 1 of Parliament’s toilets. This simply highlights the type of boys club that operates in the Westminster bubble. We even have MPs, using taxpayers’ money to hire their own spouse on the maximum pay scale as their office manager, as a means to funnel funds into their own pocket. I have come to the conclusion that we will never address the real issues with this country, with our current batch of politicians. I will very likely be voting for some small obscure party or an independent at the next election because I simply cannot stomach any of the main parties. What makes me most sick, is to think that my own great grandparents fought and sacrificed everything for this country – and they got no recognition or reward. Meanwhile, those in Westminster give themselves peerages and fancy titles that they do not deserve. I simply cannot compare some of history’s greats to this current lot. We are lions led by donkeys, and I ask you to step into the ring and at least be the voice of those of us who feel so disillusioned. With respect, – Email from Webmaster

ANSWER: I share many of your concerns and that is one of the main reasons behind my decision to test the water in the coming months/years.  The public deserves better and I believe that my agenda, as an independent politician, with the agility to pursue policies that will have real benefit to my constituents, is something worth pursuing.  I wish you well with your legal studies.

QUESTION: I read somewhere that you are for God and Guns. Is this still true? Where do you stand on Scottish independence? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: On Independence, I fully understand the desire of many for Scotland to become a sovereign state.  However, I am also guided by the economic reality and Scotland is nowhere near being able to thrive as a fully independent state at the current time.  The existing level of autonomy works well and gives Scotland a very favorable deal.

QUESTION: But do you pay tax or are you another Tory? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I do indeed pay my taxes and all the related costs (e.g. National Insurance employers contribution) for those I employ.

QUESTION: Is MAGA related to TRUMP as you are using this? – Website Comment

ANSWER: I don’t understand this question.  MAGA is MAGA: Make Angus Great Again – that is my mantra and my goal.

QUESTION: I see that you are part of the elitist. What makes you different? – Website Comment

ANSWER: I prefer to consider myself successful rather than elite.  Everything I have been working for over a number of decades – I also remember where I came from and the challenges I overcame to achieve my goals.

QUESTION: How can you relate to the common people if you are leaving in a castle and having a life of luxury? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: This hasn’t always been my lifestyle.  I had a challenging upbringing in a poor suburb of LA – life was far from easy.  I entered the US military as an NCO – that was tough.  But these experiences molded me.  The luxury I currently enjoy is a direct result of my personal endeavors over decades – determination to succeed, recognizing opportunities, making good decisions, and being bold in the face of adversity.  I am also a good listener so know what is important to my potential constituents.

QUESTION: Can you be more detailed on your plans in helping us, pensioners?  – Website Comment

ANSWER: This is an important question – especially given the current demographics in Angus with an increasingly aged population. Some thoughts: support methods to make fuel bills manageable (temporary suspension of the green levy; likewise VAT) in the short term and support strategies to make energy bills manageable for all.  Subsidies for alterations to domestic housing that improves insulation.  A joined-up approach to care for the elderly with the focus on much more home visiting to avoid moving the elderly or infirm to care homes. It would be good to know what the pensioners have identified as their main areas of concern.  But you should not over-promise – we don’t have a money tree.

QUESTION: Is your belief more in line with conservatives or the SNP? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I am not attached or affiliated to either party.  As an Independent who wants to MAGA my beliefs and policies will be driven by that.  Any political party that promotes policies that will benefit Angus will have my support on that particular issue.  I will be selective.  My aim is to move people away from 2/3 party politics and offer a genuine viable alternative that supports the local electorate.

QUESTION: I saw your manifesto in the newspaper the other day, my question would be if voted what will be the first thing you will do for Angus? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I want to do lots of things for Angus and that is why I will be holding a series of sessions with the local electorate to identify what really matters to the voters.  The key thing is to attract investment to this wonderful area and give the youth a reason to stay and the opportunity to prosper – but I also want a ensure that at the other end of the scale, our retirees and elderly are looked after in a compassionate and caring way.  Both are possible and will be priorities for me and my team.

QUESTION: If let says you are elected to the office today, what would be your response and action for this pandemic? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: We are now getting to the stage where we need to manage to live with COVID in the same way we live with winter flu.  I fully support the vaccination program and with responsible behaviour and good social habits, I envisage a return to a lifestyle that allows the economy to thrive and for people to have a greater choice in how they choose to live their lives and manage the risks they face.

QUESTION: What is your take on gender neutrality? Do you support the LGBTQ+ community? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I support diversity and freedom of choice.  I am opposed to discrimination and will always be supportive of individuals who want to contribute to society and their local communities in a positive way.  Ethnicity, religion, gender, etc are personal choices.  I just want people to be good citizens regardless of their background, beliefs, persuasions, etc.

QUESTION: What is your opinion on the current state of management being done by the SNP? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I am not a supporter of the SNP.  After 14/15 years in power, they cannot be proud of their track record: education, health, and the economy are 3 areas that spring to mind where they have failed the nation.  Our democratic process demands an opposition that keeps government honest: an opposition that is not afraid to ask the tough questions and call out those in power when they fail to deliver.  I will certainly do that!

QUESTION: Why do you want to run independently? Don’t you want to ally yourself with existing parties? – Website Comment

ANSWER: Draw from responses above. I certainly don’t want to be allied with an existing party.  As an independent, I can focus on doing what is best for my constituents and not be bound by party politics.  I will support policies that are good for Angus – as an independent, I am able to put Angus, rather than a political party, first.  MAGA!

QUESTION: Scotland has been in the gutters and always has been for the longest time. Gone were the days when our people were known for being tough and barbaric! Mr. Pena, please bring us out of this shithole! Btw, do you have any known political friends here in Angus? – Website Comment

ANSWER: The chairman of my exploratory committee, Mr. Colin Crorkrin, and my darlings the Carlings to name a few.

QUESTION: What contributions to society have you made in Angus? – Website Comment

ANSWER: Ditto. Stress that what has been done is just the beginning – much more to follow!

QUESTION: You are very old to run for politics. What makes you different from all of them liars in office now? – Website comments

ANSWER: Age is irrelevant.  Drive and determination are far more important – I have both in abundance and a work ethic that is unrivaled.  Experience, knowledge, and a track record of success are what I bring to the table.  As an independent, I have the freedom to make informed choices that will be good for Angus and am free of any party whip.  What you see is what you get!

QUESTION: When did we start raising snowflakes? If you don’t like what he’s saying then fuck off and don’t go, simple as that. These are the same cunts that can’t scroll past something they don’t like on FB without starting WWIII with the OP – Facebook Comments

ANSWER: The lack of moral courage and mental fortitude that people need to be successful and not become dependent on others for their livelihood.  Another expression that might be more familiar in Scotland is people need to develop a bit more backbone and realize that everyone has the potential to achieve and succeed and is not be reliant on others.

QUESTION: What about you reputation? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: The Who is Dan Pena flyer covers this nicely.  In short, “a highly successful businessman covering numerous sectors and many decades – I now want to devote the same energy to politics in Scotland starting in Angus – my home!

QUESTION: I saw a video and article on your about your recent talk in Exeter. What will you do to convince those kids protesting your talk to vote for you? – Website Comment

ANSWER: People are entitled to express their opinions – it was a shame that we did not have an opportunity for a full and frank exchange of views.  I don’t claim to have all the answers but I have many decades of experience, operating at the highest level, and I believe my skills can be put to good use in serving the people of Angus.

QUESTION: What is your take on the recent actions taken by the UK government towards the escalating problems in Ukraine? – Website Comment

ANSWER: It is a hugely delicate issue that the western alliance has handled as well as they could without us entering into a major international conflict.  There are no legal grounds for NATO intervention.  UK, EU, US, Canadian support, and many other nations, have shown where world opinion lies: Putin is largely isolated and finding himself in a more untenable situation as each day of conflict passes.  The Ukrainians will continue to need international support – rebuilding will take time and money – and I have no doubt that the UK government and the people of this nation will provide this.

QUESTION: Would you be able to cite examples of your contributions to Angus county? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: For 30-plus years this has been my home.  I employ (##) staff directly and have relations with a number of local contractors (give examples of tradesmen etc).  I run business seminars from Guthrie (how many people attend each year) when the participants need to be fed and watered.  Our basic principle is always to buy locally and support the local economy.  Any philanthropic gestures in Angus??  If so, give a summary.

QUESTION: I am currently an SNP. What will you do to convince me to switch to voting for you instead of my long-standing belief in my party? – Website Comment

ANSWER: I can understand the desire of many Scots to achieve independence and have full nation status.  However, economics made this a pipe dream for the foreseeable future.  The current arrangement serves Scotland and its residents very well indeed.  Full independence would simply not work: in FY21/22 Scotland received about half as much again in terms of funding than it could have raised from domestic taxes – we are talking about a £30 billion shortfall – we simply cannot afford that.

QUESTION: He wants to help Scotland, but he can’t help his native country of Mexico who needs it more? – Facebook Comment

ANSWER: I am not a Tory and have never been bought by Russian money.  What you see (and hear) is what you get!

QUESTION: Can I just say he’s not going to be the flavor of the month with a lot of Scots folk when he includes a quote in his Scottish adverts attributed to his solicitor that ‘we represent the Queen of England, the Church of England, The Bank of England, …’ Fair enough if he was hoping to enter politics in England but he appears to be aiming for Angus which is in Scotland. He’s nobbled himself before he’s started? – Facebook Comments

ANSWER: My solicitor, a very successful one incidentally, represents a lot of well-known and important clients – it is a testimony to their ability that they retain such clients.  If they choose to include my name in such a company that is their decision – I am flattered!!

QUESTION: What are your plans now with Nicola Sturgeon stepping down from office?

ANSWER: This does not change my agenda or plans.  I have though been disappointed, but not entirely surprised, by the lack of serious relevant debate in the leadership contest.  There are a number of serious issues: the economy, the NHS, attracting inward investment, education, infrastructure, ferries to name but a few.  This simply reinforces my view that there is a space in the political forum for independents like myself who are not tied to a specific party doctrine.

QUESTION: I heard from one of your YouTube that you plan to continue doing other work even if you are elected to office. Won’t that post a problem?

ANSWER: Not in my opinion – I have always managed a number of different activities in my life: business, philanthropic, family, teaching, public speaking.  There is an old adage: if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy. 

QUESTION: You are a very controversial man based on the research I did on you. I am not convinced you are any good like the other bureaucrats’ wannabes.

ANSWER: I make no apology for being straight-speaking: I keep hearing that the public are sick to death of politicians who refuse to give straight answers.  I will be honest if I do not know but I also have a great network of very capable people on whom I can rely.  As I see it, you have nothing to lose by voting me in!

QUESTION: Why does he think the old world of ‘gold-watches at retirement’, jobs for life and quality of life (being hand-in-hand) has finished?

ANSWER: Our workforce has changed dramatically: a significant move away from apprenticeships and employees gaining professional qualifications on block release, day release, sandwich courses etc.  The workforce is far more mobile and this leads to more moves and more employers in an individual’s career.  It is also easier to change careers these days

QUESTION: Does your work ethics of working 60 hours a week would make a difference in UK politics?

ANSWER: Work ethics are down to individuals but I know from experience that high performing employers expect the same from their staff: this does not mean a lack of flexibility, inclusion or diversity (the current buzz words) but does mean that the organisation/company is paramount: sensible individuals will recognise that it is worth going the extra mile (or few hours) for a good and successful employee. 

QUESTION: Am currently an immigrant here in the UK and I wanted to know how can you help us if you win a position in the government?

ANSWER: I have been clear that I want migration to work for both parties (i.e. the UK and the migrants).  That means bespoke deals that address specific needs and shortages in the UK (and UK workforce) with migrants contributing to the success of the economy and being recognised for their contribution.  There are numerous examples of MPs and others in public life who have moved to the UK – many of the current UK Cabinet are in this category

QUESTION: I find Dans success quite inspirational FYI. Humanity would benefit from Mr. Penas influence, in any capacity. Losers would prefer a “nice guy.” Mr. Pena what type of management will you implement in selected to serve?

ANSWER: The management of success with very clear indicators of what success means: must be tangible.  I will not shy away from tough decisions – been making them all my life – and I am getting even better with more experiences to draw on.  Indecision serves nobody.

QUESTION: Watched the Guthrie Village talk and I wanted to ask what type of business will you bring to Angus?

ANSWER: Simply, I want to see sustainable investment in Angus that leads to long term employment.  I am particularly keen on investment that offers opportunities for school leavers (at every level) to reduce the trend of moving away from Angus.  I also recognise the knock on effect of investment for other jobs (and the importance of flexible working for some sectors of the community: parents, the older generation; students etc). 

QUESTION: Dan if you are elected to serve how will you make a change in the parliament?

ANSWER:  My first priority is to make a change in Angus.  However, I hope that successes in Angus through voting in an Independent representative will be followed elsewhere and we can move away from the rigidity of the current party politics that lacks agility and stifles opportunity.

QUESTION: What can you say of the current status quo of the generation of voters here in the UK?

ANSWER: I would love greater political, and economic, interest from voters across the generations.  It is important that we create genuine opportunities in Scotland, and Angus, with meaningful jobs that then attracts further investment and encourages the younger generation to stay local.  Equally, increased revenue from genuine investors allows us to give the level of care and support to the older generations who have served our communities over a number of years.

QUESTION: Would you go into further details on what your war plan is for immigration here in Scotland?

ANSWER: My message here is quite simple – any plans for migration/immigration have to be mutually beneficial.  By that I mean beneficial to the local communities – this would cover both full time opportunities and seasonal workers and involve identifying the right workforce to do the specific tasks (e.g. farming, healthcare etc) – and attractive to the potential migrants.  That means fair wages and decent working conditions.  But we need a bespoke approach to this issue to ensure that any changes are not abused.

QUESTION: I have watched your talk in the Guthrie village, can you tell us more about your plans in bringing business and jobs back to angus?

ANSWER: As a successful businessman and entrepreneur I fully understand the importance, and the impact, of getting the right sort of investment that will create quality sustainable opportunities – for some that means moving out of their current comfort zone and recognising that the future economy is going to look different to the one of 20 years ago.  That means selling Angus to the outside world – locally, regionally and internationally.  With Dundee as a regional hub we are well placed to attract expanding businesses with lower costs than they might incur in the larger cities: many industries can operate more remotely these days.  Obviously, we would want to protect and preserve the beauty of our landscape – but that can happen with properly managed investment.

QUESTION: What industries in angus do you plan to target if you get elected? What are you going to do to improve this industries?

ANSWER: The two that spring to mind for me are healthcare, and high tech and protecting the strong agricultural base is also relevant.

QUESTION: How are you going to dominate the angus voters if SNP is the major ruling party here?

ANSWER: Voters can change their minds – it is my aim to do exactly that by offering an alternative that addresses the key issues of the moment: creating opportunities for the younger generations and providing the right, affordable, care for the older generations in a sustainable manner. Unlike large political parties with nationwide manifestos, my focus will be local and address issues that matter to the residents of Angus: if an SNP policy is good for Angus, I will support it, but I will be my own man in ensuring that Angus’ voice is heard.

QUESTION: How can a foul mouthed man like you invoke change in angus!? You don’t even have a background in politics.

ANSWER: I make no apology for speaking my mind and think that greater clarity is long overdue in politics.  Many successful businesses have been run by people who then became politicians and vice versa.  I have a background in leadership, turning businesses around, risk assessment, sound investments and seizing opportunities – all of those skills can be equally applied in politics – in fact, many of these skills have been sadly lacking in the political arena.

QUESTION: Why do you keep referring to the north sea when Angus is not even in the jurisdiction of the business or industry that deals with the north sea?

ANSWER: The North Sea, oil & gas, renewables are very much past of our future.  Angus is well placed to benefit from investments in these areas: the recent wind farm off the Yorkshire coast will impact positively well beyond the immediate coastline.  We need to be innovative and sell our county as a place to invest

QUESTION: Have you decided to join any of the existing parties? I don’t think you will have a chance to win the election if you don’t connect yourself to any of them.

ANSWER: I genuinely believe that voters will welcome the option of an alternative to the standard party political system that prevails in the UK.  My aim is to promote policies that are good for the County of Angus – I have my own plans and these continue to grow and develop through engagement with the residents of Angus.  I will though be supportive of initiatives – regardless of their political provenance – if they are genuinely going to be good for us.

QUESTION: Politics is a dirty business. Are you ready to get dirty?

ANSWER: I am more than ready – my experience and track record speak for themselves.  However, my focus is on honesty and delivering – not dirt.

QUESTION: Do you wish you are Scottish?

ANSWER: I certainly feel Scottish – it would be impossible to feel otherwise given my deep affection for this region and the number of years that I have lived here.

QUESTION: I saw some of your village meetings on YouTube and was blown away by how the people of Scotland have been disregarded by their leadership or lack thereof.Not to forget that hedging for energy revelation. Does Scotland have any leverages when it comes to energy?

ANSWER: Scotland is blessed in so many ways and our natural energy potential is enormous.  We already see extensive harvesting of wind resources – I would like to see more done with our natural water resources to generate power.

QUESTION: Without ever having been to Scotland, all I can is that your politicians look like they are more interested in a comfortable retirement than doing the work. Perhaps the people of Scotland should grant them just that in the next elections.

ANSWER: A very valid point: the electorate needs more people like me who have the energy, the ideas and the personal drive to make lives better.

QUESTION: Nicola has resigned! Is this your signal to run for prime minister of Scotland?

ANSWER: Not really a credible option at the moment given the current system.  However, I have no doubt that I would make a better fist of being First Minister than the current incumbents and the ones immediately before him.

QUESTION: Mr. Pena if you will be running for a position in parliament would it be better if you associate yourself with a party? doing this independently might not give you a winning chance.

ANSWER: Being an Independent gives me the flexibility to promote policies that are relevant and will have a positive impact on the electorate.  I am not bound by party doctrine or detailed manifestos that become hostages to time and reality.  Being Independent allows me to be more agile, more responsive and better able to handle/manage evolving situations/events.

QUESTION: Now that SNP is the verge of collapse, Do you still plan to run as an independent? Or are you going to join force with the Conservatives?

ANSWER: As I have made clear previously, I do not want to be encumbered with a party manifesto: as an Independent I am able to react to the reality, the here and now, and consider issues on their merits in light of the facts.  It is much easier to do that as an Independent: so, “No” I will not be joining forces with the Conservatives or any other party.

QUESTION: I have seen you in YouTube and you are quite the personality. Would you change the way you talk and become more bureaucratic as you might get impeach if elected if you bring your quirks to Scotland politics?

ANSWER: I see no need to change the way I behave.  I have found that an honest, and at times direct, approach removes any ambiguity.  Constituents and potential supporters will be left in no doubt about where I stand on the key issues.  You say “quirks” – I would say honesty and clarity: something that has been in short supply in recent years.

QUESTION: Am a local here in Angus and am curious to know what contributions have you done to our county?

ANSWER: Dan is best placed to answer that one- if there are good numbers (e.g. xx people employed in full time positions since 19??), (donations to local causes etc).

QUESTION: How will you deal with the rising of drug related arrest and crimes here in Scotland?

ANSWER: We need a multi-pronged approach that would include: disrupting the supply (a national and international approach); tough justice for those supplying the drugs; help for those addicted to the drugs; an intensive education programme starting with school children to make them aware of the dangers and the long term health implications.  It will require determination, proper funding and resilience: and we need to start all of these activities now.