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  • Dan has taken part in further media interviews.

  • An additional 3 political podcasts have been published
  • Leaflets were distributed to the local Guthrie residents advertising the Guthrie Hall Focus Meeting being held on 21st April 2022.
  • Adverts were also placed in the local papers during the first few weeks of April informing residents of his upcoming focus meeting at Guthrie Hall.
  • The Guthrie Village Hall Focus Meeting took place on the 21st of April 2022.  There was a successful turnout of around 35 locals present.  However, one lady came all the way from Dunblane to hear what Dan’s message was!
  • MAGA hats were handed out in the hall.
  • A teaser clip of the Guthrie Hall meeting has been published online.
  • A letter was written and sent to Former Prime Minister Theresa May requesting a meeting with Dan.  Theresa Mays Executive Secretary has replied on her behalf politely declining as she is very busy.

Coming Up in May 2022 and Beyond

  • A full video of the Guthrie Hall meeting will be published online.
  • An interview with the Glasgow Herald should be published in due course.
  • Another hall meeting is to be held, this time in Forfar for the public to attend and hear Dan’s message.  This will be advertised and have leaflets distributed beforehand.
  • Dan pursuing meetings with other luminaries, business leaders, and politicians.

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  1. Hello Mr.P,

    Thank you for your Quantum leaps and difference you have made on earth.
    I want to ask if you would be able to write me political exception so I can be on VC 19-22 May in USA.

    Blonde kid

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