Pleased to see the economic policies of Truss being discussed seriously – I fully support a low-tax economy where individuals have the freedom and opportunity to decide how their assets are spent or invested.  Choice leads to opportunity which can lead to prosperity. 

It was though a shame that she took a personal swipe at Sturgeon – she would have been far better pointing out the very serious shortcomings of the SNP’s track record over the last 14 years: the absence of a credible economic policy; an appalling decline in educational achievement in a country that was once the envy of the world;  and, a drug problem that is worse than anywhere else in Europe. 

All of the foregoing is a clear indication of the need for change if Scotland is to achieve its potential and give the inhabitants the quality of life they deserve and restore genuine pride in their nation.  It is time for change and a move away from the traditional party politics of this nation.  Let’s Make Angus Great Again – put your trust in Peña!


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